Out and About In San Francisco!

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Tara CondellTara Condell is a student who is currently studying to become a Registered Dietitian and in her spare time she loves to explore and dine out in some of the best restaurants in San Francisco. She writes a blog over at Food and Other Things and shares some of the most amazing food and restaurants discovered in her city; a city which is known to have many different types of cultural cuisine. Tara’s blog is positive and fun and she writes with a great sense of humour. Get immersed in the San Fransico culture with Tara’s list of her favourite things to do in San Francisco!

Hello everyone! I am Tara and the blogger over at Food and Other Things. I love showing pictures of food, restaurants and everything San Francisco has to offer. Amelia and I have been reading each other’s blogs for a while now, so I was ecstatic when she asked me to participate in her travel series.

To be completely honest, I have wanted to write this post for a while now. It is my honor to give you a virtual tour, since you cannot quite make the flight to this little city by the bay.


I’m starting the tour off on the red line, which is close to where I live. I like driving down Dolores St. because it is one of our few streets lined with palm trees and one of my favorite places to hang out is Dolores Park.

This unique park fits the vibe of San Francisco in every aspect: laid back, excellent to people watch and everyone is just in a damn good mood. The views are not too shabby either. ;)

If the lines aren’t too long, we will also stop and get two scoops of the best ice cream in the city at Bi-Rite Creamery.

We will then continue our journey and drive through Valencia (land of the hipsters) and up to the blue line. This section starts at Van Ness St., which is one of the biggest streets because the 101 detours through the city here and it is also where our Civic Center is (think city hall, opera, ballet and main public library).

After a right turn through the Broadway tunnel, we end up in Chinatown! Everyone loves walking through these streets because it is a bubble in such a dynamic city. The old ladies walk so slow they move backwards, pushing is the only way to get through and the food is as authentic as booking a flight to China.

Also, where else would you get your I Love SF sweater?

When you had your dose of walking up hills, we get back into the car and swiftly drive through downtown so you can see Union Square.

The green line picks up at the Embarcadero: home of the Bay Bridge, AT& T Park and what might be the most visited Farmer’s Market in SF.

With breath taking views of the bay, we drive past North Beach (Little Italy), past Marina (Land of the Bros and future Marin-ers) and to Golden Gate Bridge.

PS: Notice we did not stop at Pier 39, the biggest tourist attraction in San Francisco. You can do that on your on time.

No matter what, I will always make time to take everyone to the Golden Gate Bridge. In any type of weather, sunshine or fog, it looks beautiful and pictures can never do it justice. After gazing for an indefinite amount of time, we start the purple line and go through the Presidio and stop at the Palace of Fine Arts.
photo (12).JPG

I always detour into Pacific Heights because nobody complains about this view.


Also because half of the people are into Haight (think hippies, vinyls and homeless) and the other half die to see the Painted Ladies (think women who grew up on Full House).

I prefer these Victorian stunners that are the epitome of San Francisco architecture.


(Photo Credit, I am impressed that this is the only picture I had to pull off the internet!)

We get off the grass, head on the brown line to drive down Castro (fab-u-lous gay district), grab a cookie at Hot Cookie and make our way up an extremely windy road to get the best view of the city at Twin Peaks.

Here you can get a view from one bridge to the other.


People start getting hungry by this point of the speed tour, so I wrap it up and start the magenta line to drive through my favorite part of the city. Golden Gate Park.

Fact: It is bigger than Central Park.

Fact: We have resident Bison.

Fact: I grew up literally across the street, so there is a lot of nostalgia going on over on that part of the city.

If the weather is playing nice, we stop at our cold and pathetic beach and watch the waves roll by before heading back to the Mission to eat.

photo (15).JPG

And that is it! I hope you enjoyed your speed tour and enjoyed one of the most beautiful cities of the world.

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  1. Chai a cup of life Post author

    Thanks so much for sharing and writing this post Tara. You have captured some amazing photos and I hope to see San Francisco soon!


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