Life is Like Riding a Bicycle…

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Riding a bicycle is not just about keeping fit or for exercise. In India, it is rather a mode of transport and is often cheaper and faster than walking to get around. Whilst learning to drive in India is nerve wracking to start with, driving past and often so close to a person on a cycle scares the be-Jesus out of me. It is very rare to see someone on a cycle out for exercise or recreation, except for kids! Our driver randomly asked one day if people ride bicycles in Australia. We told him people ride for recreation and you could see the surprised look on his face! There are many uses for riding a bicycle and is different where ever you go around the world.

There are many cities around the world like New York and Amsterdam where riding a cycle is a huge trend and there are clubs and websites dedicated this to get out there and start riding. I do not propose in joining a bicycle group or start wearing spandex and tight bike pants, but rather cycle for enjoyment with a cute basket up front and a way to join my son. So to get into the spirit of bicycles, here are some images of ways to cycle.

  • This is my ideal way to cycle

cycle with flowers Source

Pretty with a cute basket of flowers. Going out for a Sunday casual cycle.

  • Cycling for transport in India

school girl on bike indiaSchool girls riding together in India

  • How you can get little kids involved

riding bikes with kidsDad cycling with his 2 kids

  • Something for couples or friends

couple on bikeCouple on bike

  • Cycling in groups or socially

Road cycling in a group

Going back to basics and cycling is fun and also gets us doing something different for exercise. It’s February now, and if getting fit was on your New Year’s Resolution, why not try getting on your bicycle?

11 thoughts on “Life is Like Riding a Bicycle…

  1. renu

    Absolutely true ! In Europe I saw beautiful cycles with a little pram attached to it and mothers go everywhere with their little ones..its so helpful too..

    1. Chai a cup of life Post author

      Cycling does seem easier! It is hard to imagine driving here, but have to say It can be fun to drive here.

  2. Fab

    Everyone in my family and my husband’s family can drive – except me!! You’re so right, it is a nerve wracking experience!! I shiver when I see large trucks coming headlong at me even when I’m in the passenger’s seat!

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