Dalhousie- the ‘Mini Switzerland’

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Recently we went on a trip to Dharmashala and Mcleodganj, but since there was no snow my son could not make a snow man. Before leaving for Delhi that was the only thing he wanted to do was make a snow man in the mountains, so we decided to make his wish come true and drive an extra 5 hours from Dharamshala to Dalhousie to see the snow. We checked with a few hotels there by calling them to see if there was any snow there and to our luck there was plenty. The only worry was that it would be too cold for us as central heating in India does not exist everywhere! However, we said we’ll manage and did take that extra drive to Dalhousie.



About Dalhousie

Dalhousie is  well known to be a ‘mini Switzerland’ of India. During the winter season, the hill station is covered with snow and has such a beauty and charm about it.  It is surrounded by snow-capped peaks and has a breath taking view. Since it is very close to Punjab, many people from Punjab visit the hill station. The winter season is low season because the road conditions are not ideal for driving and one can get caught by sudden snow blitz which can take much longer to clear. However, without machines, the Indian army does a fantastic job of maintaining safety in the hills. It is definitely worth a visit just to see the snow capped range around you.

Dalhousie in snowSource

Things to do in Dalhousie

1. Tibetan markets at Gandhi Chowk

The markets are a fantastic place to pick up nick nacks and Tibetan handicrafts. Although the time we went was very cold, it was nice to walk around Gandhi Chowk  markets and see all of the beautiful things.

2. Visit Chamera Lake

This is a man made lake where people often visit for boating. The lake was built as a reservoir of the Chamera Dam which is a major hydroelectricity project located close by to Dalhousie.

3. Daikund Peak

Daikund Peak is about a 10km drive from Dalhousie and it is the highest mountain in this area to see and admire the view of Dalhousie. Also known as the ‘singing hill’, you may be able to hear the soft sound of the trees as the breeze passes through them.

4. Visit the temples

The Bara Pathar Temple and the Hariraya Temple are both close to Dalhousie and have an amazing feeling and religious aura about them.

5. Trekking at Sach Pass

Although we didn’t go trekking as it was the wrong time of year and also because we had our 6  year old son, Sach Pass is a popular place to go trekking for the adventurous. Sach pass is about 130km away from Dalhousie.

Dalhousie marketsGandhi Chowk by day 

Overall, the drive to Dalhousie is quite long from Delhi. It took us almost 12 hours with a few stops to reach back from Dalhousie to Delhi. The highway route from Pathankot was rather safe and fast and full of toll roads. The best part is stopping along many small neat Dhabas for either kulcha, tea and a light meal.

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