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An Inspirational Video To Live By

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We are always reminded that the key to happiness comes from within ourselves and to be grateful for what we already have, whether or not it includes having the perfect house, car and a high paying career to go with it. As Valentine’s day approaches tomorrow, I see hearts everywhere, billboards with romantic quotes and and big fluffy teddy bears ready for sale. You can’t miss it and it’s in your face, whether you love or loathe it. It may just be another day but it is a great reminder to show extra love and appreciation of what you do have. And for me, it’s family. So in celebration of this day, here is an inspirational video to live by and I warn you, you will be holding back your tears!
Happy Valentine’s Day :-)

6 thoughts on “An Inspirational Video To Live By

    1. Chai a cup of life Post author

      He is really good hey!? I guess he has become a strong person from his back ground and especially from the upbringing from his mum. :-)


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